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Everyone Keeps Saying “Buyers Market”

Everyone Keeps Saying “Buyers Market”

by Alex Munoz on January 30, 2012 · 1 comment

Tacoma/Gig Harbor Real Estate

Windermere Professional Partners

If you were to ask the number one question all real estate professionals get asked by friends, family, and clients, you would hear the same answer it’s a buyers market. That question is, how’s the market? After the bubble burst of 2007 the housing market has been trapped in the basement as far as appreciation is concerned. Today’s prices are being compared to prices in 2003, do the math that is almost 10 years in the past. Interest rates are at all time lows, ranging from the mid to high 3 percent. I’m going to do a little math for you…..

Year 2003. Buy a house for $200,000. Interest rates May 2003 5.48%. Payment $1,333 a month

Year 2012. Buy a house for $200,000. Interest rates Today 2012 3.91%. Payment $944 a month

How much you save over a year $4,668. over 10 years $46,680. over 30 years $140,040.

Buyers Market?



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Brian June 5, 2012 at 11:07 am

In NH the minimum limttaiion period for claims against an estate is six (6) months. You need to petition the probate court to open the estate, publish notices in the newspaper, take out a bond, submit an inventory and await claims. If six months pass after the probate court has appointed the fiduciary or administrator and no claim is filed, no suit is brought, no appearance by the hospital is filed in probate court and you complete a final account, have it approved by the probate judge, then any claim by the hospital is forever barred. NH has jurisdiction over the estate, since that is the patient’s residence. The matter is more complicated if the MA hospital files suit in Middlesex, Essex or Suffolk county, for instance, without going through the patient’s probate estate. Then you would be well advised to talk with a lawyer, but the lawyer may well support the theory that the claim is barred due to the hospital’s failure to file a claim against the patient’s estate in the probate court of the county of that patient’s residence.


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