About me



Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and living in Gig Harbor for over 20 years has sculpted me into a stereotypical Pacific Northwesterner. You can find me on the slopes of Crystal Mountain in the Winter, the bays of Gig Harbor in the summer, and the golf course year round. I live by sports and being active.


At an early age I have found my dream job. My passion for real estate started early in life with my parents influencing me heavily in the endless opportunities the career can provide. Every day I face new challenges and opportunities in this business and it is a complete 180 to Henry Ford’s factory line. Routine is far from our vocabulary and that is what I enjoy most about my job.


I aspire to be the best at what I do.  My goal is to close 75 transactions a year and to maintain a sense of freedom for family, friends, and travel. I have been very fortunate in life so far and take none if it for granted. I will continue to work hard, give back, and one day look back with a smile on my face on what I have accomplished.

~Alex Munoz

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