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by Alex Munoz on March 7, 2012 · 1 comment

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Why use an agent when buying or selling real estate?

Simple answer it is our job. Complex answer market knowledge, experience, negotiating skills, resources, and legalities.

Full-time agents, notice how I say full-time agents, come to the office on a regular basis and are looking into what is new and what has sold on the market. We preview and see numerous properties a week giving us a great knowledge of the local real estate market. With this knowledge we help determine and prepare our sellers and buyers on far prices.

Experience is key in our current market, especially with the amount of distressed properties (short sales and bank owned properties). These properties tend to be much more difficult to understand and deal with and a experienced agent they can help you get over this speed bump.

With a strong negotiating agent on your side you can save thousands of dollars on a purchase or a sale. Yes it does cost money to use an agent, but that money is well spent on saving you money. Brokers know how to create solid offers where money is not always the most important, the terms of the contract can be just as effective to get the transaction signed around. *Remember the seller pays the commission to the real estate agents from the purchase price of the home.

A real estate broker and his/her office is a database of resources for anything to do with a home or home purchase, from real estate attorney information to a recommended plumber and everything in between.

By no means are brokers lawyers, but when it comes to knowing real estate purchase and sales (the contract) the broker is your best friend. With an experienced agent they can sit down and explain the terms of the contract and help you through all the legal issues that are involved in the sale of the property.

The sale of real estate will be a much smoother process if you have the right broker.

*Broker and agent are equivalent terms used to talk about licensed real estate professionals.

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Shahid June 5, 2012 at 6:18 am

Some people will start with a leednr, others a Realtor. Depends on you. Call a Realtor, tell them you’re a 1st time buyer and ask them if they have a couple of leednrs they like to work with. Most of us do, they know what to ask for, what info they need upfront and will not usually say, go find a house and I’ll tell you if you can get it. ALWAYS, get at least 2 leednrs numbers, different leednrs have different programs, experience and know how. Once you have been pre-approved (make sure you really are, ie: they ran your credit, have your paystubs, bank statements, last 2 years taxes and W-2 s) start looking, be realistic, even in this market a 2500 square foot home on an acre with an in-ground pool for $125,000 probably won’t happen. Check the internet, check the neighborhoods where friends and family live, drive around, check the commute to work (it may only be 15 miles from work, but may take 45 minutes).Most Realtors have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), meaning we can show every listing out there, no matter what agency it belongs to. Find an agent you are comfortable with, it’s important, you need them to understand what’s important to you. When it comes time to close you can choose your own Attorney, Closing Agency etc Again, most of us have companies we work with frequently, they are responsible, respectful and get the job done, just ask.Home Inspectors, you’ll need a good one, ask for a minimum of 3 recommendations, call them all and ask questions, what they look for, what they charge, do they offer a warranty if you find something they missed after move-in. You should really be at the inspection, the appraisal too if possible, it’s interesting and it’s going to be yours.If the home is on a septic system, have it checked.The appraiser will be an “agent” of the bank, you don’t get to choose.Call the electric, gas and water companies, ask about the last 12 months bills. You’ll have a better idea as to what to expect. If there is a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) ask what the monthly fee is, if there is a transfer fee and how much, is it paid yearly, quarterly etc Find out about the restrictions, can you put up a fence, what kind, can you plant a tree, shrubs, park 6 cars in your driveway? Outside of the purchase price you’ll pay:inspection, appraisal, document fees for the closing, escrow taxes & insurance, title recording fees, loan origination fees for the leednr, I forgot some but yo get the jist. Be prepared, your leednr should be able to give you a Good Faith Estimate. Happy Hunting


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