Best Eats in Town

by Alex Munoz on April 20, 2012 · 1 comment

Narrowsagents favorite places to eat in the area….

1.) Kinza Teriyaki (Gig Harbor)- Best food dressing (notice how I said food dressing) not just for your salad but put it on your rice, chicken, beef, or wherever you feel it’s necessary.

2.) Asado (Tacoma)- Got to look beyond there normal menu and ask for a bar menu. Best burger/beef in town.

3.) Thai Hut (Gig Harbor)- Can’t miss out on a little pad thai and don’t be scared to kick it up a notch with a 5 star.

4.) Pacific Grill (Tacoma)– Great atmosphere with solid happy hour menu.

5.) Round Table (Find the nearest)- Get there for the lunch time buffet for all you can eat pizza $7.50.


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