Take a look at last month’s statistics in North Tacoma and Gig Harbor. We are seeing this pattern all over the county, listings are down and sales are up from 1 year ago. Many transactions right now are dealing with multiple offers. Good listings are hard to come by. North Tacoma inventory is down 54% from one year ago and sales are up 28%. Gig Harbor inventory is down 25% from one year ago and sales are up 23%. Any questions regarding what your  home is worth or anything regarding real estate email me at alexmunoz@windermere.com .

North Tacoma

Gig Harbor



Battle of Golf Courses

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Washington National Vs. Druids Glenn

Location                                                                        +                                        +

Price                                                                                +                                        –

Greens                                                                             –                                        +

Course Condition                                                       +                                        –

Difficulty                                                                        +                                        –

Restaurant                                                                     –                                        +

Overall                                                                            B+                                     B-

Round Score                                                                 84                                     79

Druids Glen

Washington National


Shadow Inventory

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A question that has been brought up lately from clients, family and friends is what about this shadow inventory? The phrase shadow inventory is describing houses that are 90 days delinquent on their mortgage, houses that are in the foreclosure process, or houses owned by the bank, but not yet put onto the market. Currently in Pierce County there are 265 active bank listings. This time last year there were 639 listings. So will we see a flood of inventory coming on within the next few months? My professional opinion is we will see more inventory than what we have now, but no flood. I believe the days of 600 listings is over. Will we see 400 listings? Maybe.

Washington State is sitting better than most states

Here is a KCM Webinar that is very informative on shadow inventory.


April Pierce County Statistics

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Pierce County Real Estate.

Alex Munoz. Windermere Professional Partners.

Email: alexmunoz@windermere.com.

Sold vs Active Sales April 2012 in Pierce County.

                                        Sold Properties                       Active Properties

$0-99k                                  86 (13%)                                             264 (7%)

$100k-199k                  310 (47%)                                          1190 (33%)

$200k-299k                200 (30%)                                        1000 (28%)

$300-399k                      57 (8.8%)                                          476 (13%)

$400k-499k                    25 (3.9%)                                          238 (6%)

$500k-750k                   18 (2.7%)                                           251 (7%)

$750k-999k                      1 (0.1%)                                              89 (2%)

$1.0 million+                   0 (0%)                                                 86 (2.4%)

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Drink for Cause

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Gig Harbor Beer Festival

Like to drink and like to give back, well what better way than a beer festival for a foundation. Come support Greater Gig Harbor Foundation in Gig Harbor’s Uptown shopping center May 12th. Tickets and more information are available at the festivals website: Gig Harbor Beer Festival


Best Eats in Town

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Narrowsagents favorite places to eat in the area….

1.) Kinza Teriyaki (Gig Harbor)- Best food dressing (notice how I said food dressing) not just for your salad but put it on your rice, chicken, beef, or wherever you feel it’s necessary.

2.) Asado (Tacoma)- Got to look beyond there normal menu and ask for a bar menu. Best burger/beef in town.

3.) Thai Hut (Gig Harbor)- Can’t miss out on a little pad thai and don’t be scared to kick it up a notch with a 5 star.

4.) Pacific Grill (Tacoma)– Great atmosphere with solid happy hour menu.

5.) Round Table (Find the nearest)- Get there for the lunch time buffet for all you can eat pizza $7.50.


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April 13th 2012 Market Data

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Have you been hearing a little bit of optimisim about the real estate market? Well here are the numbers for North Tacoma and Gig Harbor. Sometimes showing is better than telling…..

Gig Harbor Pending vs Active Sales

North Tacoma Pending vs Active Sales


Golf Course Review

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Looking for a well priced course on the Pacific Ocean?

Look no further, Pacific Grove Golf Course in Monterey California boasts some of the best views California has to offer while, not hurting the bank account too bad. For $50 bucks this course is easy to walk and you’ll get striking views of the surf crashing on the beach. It is a public course but schedule an early tee time because this course does get busy on nice days. To get more information view their website at http://www.pggolflinks.com/


Real Estate One o One #1

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Tacoma. Gig Harbor. Real Estate

Alex Munoz. Windermere. REALTOR

Why use an agent when buying or selling real estate?

Simple answer it is our job. Complex answer market knowledge, experience, negotiating skills, resources, and legalities.

Full-time agents, notice how I say full-time agents, come to the office on a regular basis and are looking into what is new and what has sold on the market. We preview and see numerous properties a week giving us a great knowledge of the local real estate market. With this knowledge we help determine and prepare our sellers and buyers on far prices.

Experience is key in our current market, especially with the amount of distressed properties (short sales and bank owned properties). These properties tend to be much more difficult to understand and deal with and a experienced agent they can help you get over this speed bump.

With a strong negotiating agent on your side you can save thousands of dollars on a purchase or a sale. Yes it does cost money to use an agent, but that money is well spent on saving you money. Brokers know how to create solid offers where money is not always the most important, the terms of the contract can be just as effective to get the transaction signed around. *Remember the seller pays the commission to the real estate agents from the purchase price of the home.

A real estate broker and his/her office is a database of resources for anything to do with a home or home purchase, from real estate attorney information to a recommended plumber and everything in between.

By no means are brokers lawyers, but when it comes to knowing real estate purchase and sales (the contract) the broker is your best friend. With an experienced agent they can sit down and explain the terms of the contract and help you through all the legal issues that are involved in the sale of the property.

The sale of real estate will be a much smoother process if you have the right broker.

*Broker and agent are equivalent terms used to talk about licensed real estate professionals.

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Real Estate One o One

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No matter your age, race, gender, or financial status you will in some point in your life decide to possibly buy, sell, or invest in the world of real estate. If you are possibly thinking about this now or 10, 20, 30 years down the road there is simple knowledge every one should know. We live in a age where instant information is as easy as it has ever been before, it is a mobile world, with that being said I want to provide a blog series on giving my readers knowledge that will help in the future. The series will talk about why use a agent, the buying process, the selling process, dealing with distressed properties, market conditions, and investing. Stay tuned for the first update.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Real Estate